Innovative exhibit booths and interactive online events are conquering tradeshows like Caesar’s army overtook the ancient world. Their advent is inevitable. When it’s time to plan your next event or build a strategy for that crucial upcoming convention, knowing how to mesmerize your customer base equals success.

Digital exhibits often result in companies taking the path of least resistance, meaning they sacrifice live spectacle for shoddy imitations of exhibits that LiquidityBook resemble online tutorials. The fact of the matter is, online exhibits require even more attention to the physical attributes of your trade show exhibit. A successful digital tradeshow exhibit combines arresting eye-candy with a powerful interface to help your company win.

Synthesizing Exhibit Displays with Online Corporate Events

All signs point to consulting with exhibit display design professionals and interactive media companies when building a synthesized online show design. For example, Cisco Systems Inc. has achieved nearly legendary status for staging some of the most popular and successful physical industry events. When they build their online tradeshow campaign, they beg, borrow, and steal freely from the design that they utilize in their physical show. In other words, when it comes to digital trade show, everything starts with physical design.

After they’ve implemented their signature physical design into their online version, they start innovating right and left. They’ve utilized an unprecedented array of online features, including on demand keynote access, custom discussion groups, the Profile Match feature, seminar content tabs, and much more. The point is, Cisco didn’t abandon their physical show in favor of an online version.

Rather, they made the physical show the frontispiece of their business exhibition, and then created an inventive online version based around the physical show. In fact, Cisco continued to attract more and more businesspeople to their physical event, and the online version only served to make non-attendees crave a coveted physical spot at the conference. There’s nothing like being there.

How Trade Show Designs Can Facilitate Your Online or Social Media Campaign

Cisco consulted with trade show design companies first, and then kibbutzed with digital media consultants to synthesize their industry show aesthetics with the online version of the trade show. In an article titled “How to Tackle A Virtual Trade Show”, Forbes Magazine highlights how the top-performing virtual trade show companies build their success through their physical exhibit booths. On the other hand, there are endless horror stories about how the cheesiness and ridiculousness of virtual trade shows turns consumers off.

One commenter notes that “The virtual trade show is a ridiculous online adaptation of a real world event. It reminds me too much of late nineties virtual chat rooms and avatars. The overhead associated with making a website look and feel like a trade show is plain idiotic.” So, who’s right?

Actually, the answer is very simple. The physical design of trade booths wins in the end. If you want to do something online, you’ve got to be extremely inventive, like Cisco, and do something revolutionary. You can’t just put your trade show exhibit in a Compuserve-esque virtual reality.

Choosing Exhibit Booths and Trade Show Exhibits as A Primer for a More Massive Blitz

When you decide to build a comprehensive and attention-grabbing trade show exhibit, you will reap what you sow. Customers like the social aspect of trade shows. Your salespeople get to interface with customers one-on-one, thereby sharpening their skills.

In this digital age, we focus so much on trying to outdo ourselves with new technologies that it’s easy to forget that there are some time-tested strategies that continue to reap huge profits for companies simply because they’re engaging, social, and tangible. Consult with powerful design professionals who have experience in building physical booths, and you’ll be able to use that as a springboard for multifaceted digital trade booths.

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